Fire rescue

Unmanned aerial vehicle can help make fire investigation,
look for fire point and provide real-time air omni-directional
stereo images for rescue site. It will provide a basis for on-site
command to make better decisions.

Police reconnaissance

1. Public security maintenance
2. Counter-terrorism security
3. Sudden mass incidents aerial reconnaissance and record

Forest fire detection

VOYAGER4 can be applied to forest fire rescue, fire observation,
including the fire outline, area and spread, and provide in this
way strong data support for fire rescue.

Environmental monitoring

VOYAGER4 drone can be applied to the filed of the atmosphere and
the urban air quality.

Electric power emergency

VOYAGER4 can be applied to electric power maintenance,
emergency rescue, and filed

Customs inspection

VOYAGER4 can be applied to round-the-clock customs inspection, patrol in high-risk area, and supervision of border smuggling, drug trafficking, illegal entry and other illegal problem.

Border patrol

1. long range and high altitude reconnaissance in military area.
2. low-cost usage and maintenance.
3. night flight, high-altitude reconnaissance under low visibility,
and low altitude flight mission.

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