A brand-new remote which designed for aerial photography specially.

There are 18 channels inserted in which support of customizing functions to meet your requirements appropriately.

LIVE HD video transmission

The DEVO-F18 remote owned advanced integration HD image module whose transmission distance up to 1KM.
It adopts 5.8Ghz HD digital image transmission technology, characterizing as faster transferring response,
lower latency and stronger anti-interference ability.

5.8Ghz HD image transmission

long battery endurance

With the built-in 3000 mAh rechargeable battery, you can fly many times without worrying about battery. Intelligent power indicator on the remote controller can indicate the remaining power quantity and alarm automatically when the battery is low.

Brand new remote controller for aerial photography

One-click fool proof design to avoid unnecessary losses caused by user’s accidental wrong operation.
Integrated gimbal control button to offer more convenient and easier aerial photography experience for users.

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