Gas-electric hybrid system farming drone


  • Efficient spraying system

    Accurate, safe, environment-friendly, intelligent route planning operation

  • Folding body design

    Design of non-tool lateral folding encircling structure

  • 30 flight time

    Oil and electricity hybrid power system solution

  • RTK precision navigation

    High-accuracy navigation and positioning system, positioning accuracy up to centimeter class

  • Remote controller with screen

    Specialized customized remote controller with high-brightness screen

  • HD real time image transmission

    5.8G digital image transmission system, distance up to 2km

Folding body design

AG15 hybrid electric UAV machine arm adopts four-axis tool-free horizontal folding and enveloping structure design with compact and firm structure. After being folded, the entire machine presents an enveloping type, which facilitates the daily transportation and assembly while ensuring structural strength requirements, reduces the occupied area of the aircraft, saves assembly time for the staff to reduce the difficulty of packing, and greatly reduces the requirements for transportation tools.




Powerful performance

The AG15 uses advanced gasoline engine and generator integrated power supply technology, combining the advantages of oil and electric, the maximum flight time of full oil is 30 minutes. The AG15 agricultural drone is equipped with a high precision navigation and positioning system. With a new generation of base stations, the positioning precision can reach a centimeter level. The dual antenna technology has powerful anti magnetic interference ability and can fly steadily in the complex environment. It has the ability of industrial water proof, dustproof and corrosion prevention. It can effectively block the permeation of drug fog caused by spraying, adapting to the harsh field environment, having high strength, low maintenance cost and long life.

  • 30 minutes

    Flight time

  • IP65

    Three-proofing performance

  • Centimeter class

    Positioning accuracy

Efficient spraying system

The use of powerful motor and carbon fiber propeller not only provides strong power for the drone, but also produces strong downward pressure wind field. The professional windproof sprinklers which under the blade can effectively reduce the drug fog to be rolled up by the rotor airflow, so that the spray penetration is stronger, the coverage is more uniform, the spraying effect is improved, and prevent the drug fog existing on the drone body to make sure the drone’s safety to the pilot.

Strong downward pressure wind field with professional wind nozzle

The use of high-power motors and carbon fiber propellers not only provides strong power for the body, but also produces a powerful downward pressure wind field, acting on the professional wind-proof nozzles below the blades, effectively reducing the drug mist being rolled up by the rotor air flow and allowing the spray of medicine mist to be sprayed. More transmissive, more uniform coverage, improved spray effect, and can prevent the residual body fog, to ensure the safety of drone contact.


Smart Route Planning

Supports intelligent route planning, and provides APP tailored for agricultural applications. It can provide route planning for non-regular terrain, real-time editing and modification of flight trajectories, intelligent and flexible operation of flight routes, and calculation of spraying area, thereby assisting operators More accurate mastering of medication.


AG15 Plant Protection UAV Special Remote Controller with Screen

Aiming at the special needs of agricultural application, we designed a remote controller with screen for AG15 agricultural plant protection UAV, The remote controller with screen is portable and highlighted. It can also display clear images in direct sunlight, with built-in APP, you can get rid of the interference of complicated information when using ordinary mobile devices, and work more easily and efficiently.

High-brightness Display Screen

AG15 plant protection UAV with screen remote controller integrates 7.86 inch 2K high-brightness display screen with maximum brightness of 1000 cd/m2, It's about twice as safe and reliable as ordinary mobile devices, and it's still visible in direct sunlight.


HD image transmission

AG15 plant protection machine with screen remote control equipped with high-definition image transmission system has 5.8GHz digital image transmission system, long wavelength, strong anti-interference ability, effective control distance up to 2KM, stable and reliable transmission.


Customization System of AG15 Remote Controller with Screen

Customized Android System Collocation Depth Optimized Walkera AG15 APP, Get rid of the interference of operation carton and complicated information when using ordinary mobile devices, and make the operation more efficient and safe; At the same time, the system also supports the installation of other Android Apps to achieve more image editing and sharing functions.

Special APP for AG 15 plant protection UAV

To meet the special needs of agricultural applications, we designed an APP specifically for AG15 agricultural plant protection UAV, which simplifies the operation and makes it easy to operate. The monitoring platform can make it convenient for operators to make statistics and supervision, check the progress of plant protection operation in real time, operation area, and plan operation routes, etc., so that the operator does not blow and leak, and display operation parameters and flight parameters in real time.

Install night vision camera

In line with the consistent spirit of innovation, WALKERA creatively launched a new generation of folded agricultural plant protection UAV with mounted night vision cameras, the starlight level night vision camera is ingeniously integrated, thus breaking the constraints of the night and no longer being troubled by insufficient light. It can be shown in real time and dynamically at night, and it can be operated from all aspects and angles to capture the real moments of the night clearly.

RTK punctuation obstacle avoidance (optional)

AG15 Agricultural Plant Protection UAV supports RTK punctuation obstacle avoidance. When AG15 Agricultural Plant Protection UAV encounters marked obstacle, AG15 Agricultural Plant Protection UAV automatically circumvents obstacle avoidance at night, obstacle avoidance is still reliable. AG15 Agricultural Plant Protection UAV mounted Starlight Night Vision Camera is still clearly visible at night, making the operation more safe and reliable.

G120 Power System

The integrated power supply technology of generator with water cooling system is adopted, which combines the advantages of oil power and electric power organically. High energy of fuel is retained through oil-powered power generation. Let your UAV exploit more possibilities and produce more value for you. Generator power system plug-and-play can directly replace batteries. The cooling system of a liquid-cooled engine circulates liquid through pipes and channels in the engine.

Oil-electric hybrid UAV uses gasoline as fuel, It does not need heavy charging equipment, It only needs gasoline fuel and can work by adding fuel, In areas without power facilities, gasoline, as an easy-to-obtain fuel, avoids complex charging environment requirements and saves valuable charging time, which is of great significance in special environments. View more >>