Built-in 5.8G, B Band, 8 Channel receiver
It can be used as standard AV signal output end
It can turn all the composite video(NTSC/PAL) to VGA(60Hz)signal mode
The pupil Distance is adjustable


Insert head tracking system

Press channel toggle switch vertically, move goggle2
in horizontal, superior-inferior, and left-right direction.
Gimbal will follow these actions accordingly.


AV input and output function

The inside video and audio signal received by
wireless can display image and sound through
connecting AV to DVD/TV.


Center distance can be adjusted liberally

Adjust center distance according to personal needs, so that the
vision can reach the best results. Design based on human
engineering, Light easy to carry, wear comfortably.

hannel switch status Corresponding frequency
1 2
ON OFF 1 2 3 4
5866MHz 5847MHz 5828MHz 5809MHz
5 6 7 8
5790MHz 5771MHz 5752MHz 5733MHz
ON OFF 9 10 11 12
5725MHz 5745MHz 5765MHz 5785MHz
13 14 15 16
5805MHz 5825MHz 5845MHz 5865MHz
ON OFF 17 18 19 20
5945MHz 5925MHz 5905MHz 5885MHz
21 22 23 24
5645MHz 5665MHz 5685MHz 5705MHz
ON OFF 25 26 27 28
5945MHz 5665MHz 5685MHz 5705MHz
29 30 31 32
5645MHz 5665MHz 5681MHz 5705MHz

Insert 5.8G receive function B channel

Optional multi-channel

Video glasses imaging effect

Field of view(FOV):32°

Graphic illustration

Power input

AV input output

tracking reset

5.8G RX channel code switch

Data port(Head tracking)

IPD adjustment

Antenna SMA

Brightness/contrast button

RX power switch

Earphone jack

Brightness/contrast button:urn forth or back to decrease/increase the brightness, turn left / right to decrease/increase the contrast.
RX power switch:It is used for controlling the power of receiver module.Please turn off the receiver module to avoid video conflicts when video source goes through the AV cable.
5.8G RX channel selection:Turn forth or back to decrease/increase the channels. The change of channel is always with a beep sound, and there will be a long beep sound when the bottom or top channel be selected.
Head tracking reset:ctive it by pressing the channel switch vertically.
Low voltage alarm:It will alarm when the input voltage is lower than 7.0V.

input/output function

(1) AV input:External devices’ (such as DVD, MP4) composite video signal and the analog audio signal will input to the Input/Output socket by AV cable. Image will be displayed on the screen and sound can be heard by the earphone.
(2) AV output:The AV signal from the goggles can be output by the AV cable and the AV Input/Output socket. The AV cable can be connected to a DVR to record videos or connected to a monitor to display the image and sound in real-time.。
AV wire
(3) Earphone:Please use a standard 3.5mm earphone and insert it into the earphone jack of the goggles to hear a sound.
Earphone jack

Head tracking function

(1) The default channel of the Goggle2 is 5, 6, 7 channel, connecting wires of the gimbal should be inserted to according to receiver channel. 5, 6, 7 。
(2) Connecting between the goggle and radio: first turn off the transmitter power, insert the data cable to the goggle data port and another side to the transmitter DSC socket. Like below picture.
Data port
Data wire
DSC scoket
R/C radio
(3) Turn on the radio, then bind aircraft and videos can be received and displayed on Radio monitor. Then act 5,6,7 channel of trainer. The last step is turn the training switch (HOLD TRN) to on position(e.g DEVO F7) . goggle2 (4) Press channel toggle switch vertically, Move the goggles up and down, left and right to check whether these movements act as expected on gimbal and make sure the movements of goggles and camera are synchronized.。
If the head tracking function doesn’t work, please follow below steps to set the travel and the adjustable parameter software:

(1) Travel Adjust

You just need to set the Channel 5: Gear, Channel 6: Flap, Channel 7:AUX2 and travel gain as ±100%. goggle2

(2) Adjusting steps of the adjustable parameter software

Connect the Main controller and computer by the USB cable, double click the file “Mission Planner. exe ” to run the Mission planner adjustable parameter software. goggle2
  • Goggle2 Function Illustration
  • Resolution: actine array 3x640x480pixels
  • Pixel Size: 14.1um*14.1um/color dots pitch
  • Project size display:9.0mm*6.8mm(diagonal 0.44inch
  • Virtual image size:72inch(2m far away)
  • Field angle(FOV):32°
  • Exit pupil:25mm
  • Distance of exit pupil:30mm
  • Adaptable power range:DC 7~12V
  • Size: 170*77*44mm
  • Weight:165g
  • Working environment:0℃-45℃
  • Storage Environment:-20℃-70℃