QR X350 Premium

QR X350 Premium

Classic, Our pursuit of product excellence
QR X350 Premium is a brand new UAV defining drone based on our 350 series. It is more stable, safer, easier to use, with longer flight times,
and is a better all round entertainment experience than any other Multirotors in its class.
Triple safety protection, redefines UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) personal aerial photography

  • Dual module satellite system

    For the first time it receives both GPS and GLONASS
    signals. This dual module satellite system guarantees
    a highly stable and stronger satellite signal.

  • Low voltage return protection

    If internal diagnostics determine that the aircraft
    voltage has dropped too low, the vehicle will return
    to home automatically to prevent a high-altitude
    drop. (flight range should under 1KM)

  • Return home on loss of signal protection

    If the radio signal is weak or if it disappears, the
    aircraft will return to its home point automatically
    and land safely.


QR X350 Premium
    QR X350 Premium
    QR X350 Premium
    QR X350 Premium
    QR X350 Premium
  • Map selection

  • Follow me mode

  • Circle flight

  • Automatic Cruise

  • Waypoint record

  • Auto take off

  • Auto landing

  • One key return home

  • Hyper IOC mode

  • Compass calibration

QR X350 Premium
QR X350 Premium

Fisheye camera

Overlook the world from different point of view Various gimbals and
camera options support

Follow me Follow me mode

Pre-set the object to follow, no matter wherever it go, the plane will follow it and won’t lost

Smart Ground Station
platform to get a safer flight

Application of Ground Station platform realizes
the flight data monitoring,the flight mission planning,
automatic cruise

  • Auto take off

  • Follow me mode

  • Circle

  • Fence flight

  • Automatic Cruise

  • Waypoint record

Radio Phablet

New flight options for dual control between
DEVO F12E FPV remote and the Ground station.

It allows the Coach(DEVO F12E) and the trainee(tablet) to control the flight together.
The Coach can help the trainee to develop flying and aerial photography skills
This unique feature allows everyone to become a safe and skilful aerial photographer.

OSD flight mode

Duel control flight realizes new drive-feeling pleasure

Various gimbals and camera options support

Portable 3-axis gimbal system which is light weight,
high precision and good stability.
It can carry with ilook+ and Gopro cameras
Ilook+ HD camera
13 million pixels in high-definition, high cost-effective,
wide-angle lens camera for aerial sports

  • Pixel:1300

    HD Physical Pixe
  • Rral-time image

    Built-in 5.8G real-time
  • Wide-angle lens

    a wider video-shooting

Easy to maintain with its modular design

The QR X350 Premium has been designed for ease of maintenance and upgrades. Its structured internal wiring
and intelligent component placement creates easy access to all of the key parts, providing a practical and
convenient way to make changes or repairs.

Latest function indicator module

Multiple functions will be very clear with the integration of: the remote control signal, compass signal; the GPS signal and barometer data on the display. Clear green indicators indicate that conditions for flight are good and the pilot can take off safely. If an indicator is red, this clearly indicates that there are abnormal conditions which require operator intervention.

QR X350 Premium QR X350 Premium QR X350 Premium

Disassemble camera-shell design

The easy and convenient camera changing-over design enables users choose to carry a camera
or not during flight freely.

QR X350 Premium

3000mAh large-capacity lithium polymer battery

LED lights intelligent power monitoringIn order to offer users longer aerial flight time,
we use 29.6V 3000mAh power as the work power, the flight time can reach to 20-25 minutes.

QR X350 Premium