Body dimension Wheelbase≧1500mm
Folding dimension ≦650mm
Flight time 35minutes(load)
Payload 13KG
Maximum cruise speed 18m/s
Maximum rise speed 5m/s
Maximum decline speed 3m/s
Working altitude 4000m
Maximum wind resistance 12m/s
Waterproof and dustproof capability Basic waterproof/daily dustproof
Working temperature -10℃—45℃
Gimbal and Camera
Sensor 1/2.3 SONY IMX117 CMOS
Zoom ratio 30x optical zoom
ISO range 100-3200(Video) / 100-1600(Photo)
Recording resolution 4K 30fps
Photography resolution 4608 x 2600
Zoom speed About 2.0 seconds
Horizontal viewing angle 59.8°- 3.0°(Wide-angle telephoto)
Near distance 10 - 1500mm(Wide-angle telephoto)
Video storage stream 64Mbps Maximum
Compression standard H.264 / H.265
Support file storage format JPG/MP4
Memory card Micro SD/SDHC 128G Max Cards with a transmission rate of Class 10 and above or UHS-1 rating
Body(LXWLH) 165x174x62mm
Woring frequency 1.4G/2.4G
Effective signal distance About 5KM(Open and unobstructed, no electromagnetic interference)
Fire extinguisher parameters
Model CM60 Airborne Fire Extinguisher
Diameter φ60mm
Length 995mm
Weight ≤3000g
Extinguishing agent type ABC Superfine dry powder
Extinguishing agent weight ≥1100g
Body material Aluminum alloy
Single fire extinguishing ability 9 cubic meters(Totally submerged)
Fire extinguisher firing current ≥700mA
Fire extinguisher safety current ≤150mA
Fire extinguisher maximum range ≤40 meters
Fire extinguisher launch velocity ≤35m/s
Fire extinguisher injection delay time ≥5s
Fire extinguisher working temperature -40℃~+50℃
Sealed Waterproof, moistureproof, non-explosive
Fire extinguisher service life 5 years
Shoot machine parameter
Model CM60 airborne launcher
Out diameter Shoot machine φ67mm
Maximum outer tube diameterr φ70mm
Shoot machine full length 1000mm
Shoot machine full weight ≤1400g
60 types of projectile body Composite material, alloy
Shoot machine trigger voltage 12-24V electrical signal
Shoot machine triggered current ≥700mA
Shoot machine usage temperature -40℃~+50℃
Fire extinguisher service life 5 years ≥200 times