1、5.8G FPV wireless transmission
2、Low latency and long range FPV
3、Support output Micro SD card ,G-2D/3D/3DH Gimbal
4、Support Video and Photo
5、Support wireless Video transferred to 5.8G radio/iPhone/iPad
6、Support Walkera 5.8G DEVO-F7/F12E totransmit the live video directly to the transmitter's display
7、Built-in WiFi,Support real-time image preview and file automatic upload function
Video Resolution 1920x1080P 60fps/ 4096x2160P 10fps
Video Format MOV
Micro SD Max 64G
Photo 4000x3000 Pixels
5.8G wireless
5.8G wireless image transmission
FCC Bind B section 4 channels
FCC Output Power ≤200mW
CE Bind B section 8 channels
CE Output Power ≤25mW