1.Support iLook, iLook+, Gopro series camera video auxiliary output
2.Support power supply voltage compensation
3.Support the motor drive end short circuit protection
4.Support initial tilt and roll angle custom
5.Support stick position mode and rate mode
6.Support regular receiver
Technical Parameters
Operating voltage DC 7.4V~28V (recommended 12V, 3S lipo battery)
Operating current 500mA-600mA (depends on the voltage supplied and motor power)
Operating temperature -15℃~65℃
Sensor 3-axis MEMS gyro and 3-axis MEMS accelerometer
Control accuracy 0.02°
Angle control range tilt ±360° continuous rotation, roll ±35°,Horizontal ±360° continuous rotation
Applicable camera iLook, iLook+, Gopro series
Size 148mm x 155mm x 147mm(L x W x H)
Weight 277g(Without camera)
The controller program can be upgraded on Walkera website(UP02 and UP02 adapter requested)