Walkera Furious 215 Video Review by Bo Lorentzen

Fortunately we got our amazing FPV racing drone Furious 215 reviewed by another wonderful drone expert. Let`s see what we can get out of this wonderfully made video!!!

WALKERA FURIOUS 215 FPV Race Drone Full Review by Dustin Dunnill

Hey there guys, a newly released video review of Furious 215 FPV racer is available here, it was shot by Dustin Dunnil!!!

RTF FPV Race Drone Furious 215 by TheRcSaylors

This is an wonderfully made video review of Furious 215 by TheRcSaylors, great content, great shooting, nice.

Video Review for Walkera Furious 215 by Ready Set Drone

Hey guys, here is another video review for Furious 215 racing drone by Ready Set Drone! Fantastic!

Furious 215 FPV Racer Drone Flight Test Review by Quadcopter 101

This video review of Walkera Furious 215 FPV racer is done by the famous American drone expert Quadcopter 101.

Furious 215 Video Review by Drone Camps RC

This is another video review of Walkera FPV racer Furious 215 by Drone Camps RC. It includes detailed unboxing, flight test, and conclusion. Hope you guys like it.

Good Show for Walkera in the 68th Spielwarenmesse

Walkera(HALL 7A.Stand A-150) displayed few kinds of Hi-tech drones in the 68th Spielwarenmesse and got a great vogue on site. Walkera is one of the best UAV manufacturer in China.


Hobby Expo China, Debut of Walkera

Hobby Expo China, the biggest and the most influential professional exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region, will be held from 21st to 23rd April 2016. Walkera will appear with its professional racer F210 and 5.8G outdoor FPV aerial glasses. Its booth numbe

USA NAB Show,Walkera Coming

18th, April to 21th,April in 2016, NAB SHOW Sponsored by American Broadcasing Equipment Manfacturers Association (NAB) is about to pull open heavy curtain in Las Vegas. The Exhibition is one of the most prestigious global electronic media sector, converge

Unser Walkera Runner 250 Review aus der Zeitschrift ROTOR

Wir haben einen Testbericht zum Runner in der Zeitschrift ROTOR veröffentlicht. Jetzt präsentieren wir euch unser Bericht auch hier.


JANUARY 6-9,2016 LAS VEGAS,NEVADA Booth(s): 25426 Runner 250 (R) An outstanding racer LearnMore Furious 320 Faster than Faster Goggle 3 Aerial FPV / 3D video one stop experience,720P 800X600SVGA LearnMore Click here to see our booth locat

2016 Nuremberg Toys Fair

2016 Nuremberg Toys Fair 27 Jan-1 Feb 2016, Nuremberg,Germany...

Walkera Runner 250 review in French

Walkera Runner 250 review in French

2015 China (Shenzhen) International unmanned aerial vehicle systems technology exchange exhibition

Invitation Dear client: Howareyou? Walkeraaregoingtoattendthe17thChinaHi-TechFair--thewingofHiTech-China(Shenzhen)InternationalUnmannedAerialSystemtechnolo

Walkera Runner250 CC3D China VS Korea Racer Competition

【CompetitionTime】 31th/Oct/2015 【Location】 Tianandigitalcity,Longgang,Shenzhen,China 【KoreaPilots】Thereare14Koreapilotsjoinin D.RUSHTEAM DonepilotTEAM PegasusTEAM 【TheRacingTrack】

ESSAI RUNNER 250 de Walkera

ESSAI RUNNER 250 de Walkera