Long battery life, long focal length, folding design, adapt to different environment
optical zoom camera
maximum load
50 minutes
Ultra long battery life
Six -axis Folding
Vertical folding design of six-axis
machine arms design
Three-Proof performance
Provide basic protection from rain
Infrared TOF technology
The front 5m obstacle
avoidance design
The battery in parallel
Six batteries in parallel
without interference design
Change other equipment
according to your own needs
Six-axis folding machine
arms design

The six machine arms of V1200 adopt vertical folding
design,So the area becomes smaller after folding,It can
be transported in the back of the pickup truck. It can
start the operation quickly during operation.,It is more
convenient, speedy and efficient to use.
v1200_03 v1200_04

Six batteries are designed in parallel, with a battery life of up to 50 minutes.

The six V1200 batteries are in parallel,Even if there is a battery failure during the flight, it cannot provide normal power supply.
In addition, the battery can realize safe flight with sufficient power, so that the aircraft can fly safely. Six batteries can provide 50
minutes of battery life for the V1200. Besides improving power endurance, the most important thing is to ensure the safety of the aircraft.


battery life


designed in parallel


The battery voltage

LiPo 8S

type of battery

Strong power system
with a load of 5KG

The V1200 is equipped with six sets of
high-power motors and professionally
tested carbon fiber blades, The high
performance ratio ensures the efficient
operation of the aircraft with a maximum
load of 5KG

Dustproof, waterproof
and anti-interference

It is equipped with basic rain-proof, daily
dust prevention, t6-level wind resistance
and strong electromagnetic interference
resistance, and can conduct patrol and
inspection of power facilities,communication
facilities and other equipment with strong
electromagnetic radiation..

Adopt FlightSafety safety guarantee system,
Front infrared obstacle avoidance

Adopt FlightSafety safety guarantee system,GPS/GLONASS or BDS/GLONASS dual mode redundant
satellite positioning,Provide reliable assurance. Front-view infrared obstacle avoidance module,
sensing flight obstacle, reduce accidents caused by operation error

30 X optical zoom camera

Ultra-long distance monitoring, the details are
clear,Let the power and communications facilities
patrol, traffic patrol, bridge inspection tasks become
more safe and efficient

30 X optical zoom camera

Zoom camera

4K 30fps


Ultra HD photo

take photos

Industry application

For the special needs of industry applications,
we develop a special APP for V1200 simplify
and easy operation,.It supports intelligent
flight functions such as automatic return
flight, automatic take-off and landing,
intelligent smart follow, way point ,and
flight point to point

2.4G/1.4G high quality digital
image transmission, 3-5km
image transmission.

V1200 adopts 2.4g / 1.4g digital image transmission
system, with long wavelength, strong anti-interference
(diffraction) capability, stable and reliable transmission,
image transmission range to 3-5 km


V1200 can upgrade different suite , Change your camera or other equipment to suit your needs, Make it a
Cross-border UAV,. It can also play an extraordinary role in other fields. For example: 30x optical zoom camera,
Thermal infrared camera, Signal transmitting station,etc., mount different equipment according to different use environment