FE15 Fire Fighting Drone
Aloft fire, Precision strike
With the development of society, urban high-rise buildings have become a common form of architecture. The high-rise buildings bring great challenges to
fire rescue. Fire equipment is unable to arrive at fire location and control it quickly due to the high-rise buildings . In order to solve this problem, Walkera
designed the FE15 fire fighting UAV ,It possesses the ability of large payload, strong wind resistance and high precision dropping. It can also launch fire
extinguishing projectile in a complex fire environment. FE15 is a special fire fighting UAV for high buildings, with the design of the foldable fuselage, the
super strong payload and anti tremor ability. It can quickly arrive at the high level fire field, observe the fire with high magnification camera, and launch
the fire extinguishing projectile.
30X optical zoom camera

Super-long distance
inspect the operation site

50mins flight time

Long flight time
and easy operation

13KGS Payload
Heavy payload, fast speed
Night vision targeting system
Aloft fire, Precision strike
Fire extinguishing bomb with
night vision targeting system
The ultra strong load and anti tremor design, with the high
magnification telescope and the high frame rate night vision
camera , have high launching precision. it can launch
the fire extinguishing projectile accurately in
the complex fire weather environment.
The real-time target control points
are displayed on the ground
control points, which
greatly improves the
accuracy of shooting
and improves the
efficiency of rescue
40 meters
Fire extinguisher maximum range
ABC Superfine dry powder
Extinguishing agent type
Covers an area of 9 cube meters
Single shooting area covering
Night vision targeting system
APP Cross Aiming Star
Infrared obstacle avoidance
FE15 fire fighting drone use infrared TOF technology, it can recognize obstacle 5m away in the front and then stop fly forward by intelligent obstacle avoidance system which works under high-precision sensors.
30X optical zoom camera
Standard package comes with 30X optical zoom camera. It can monitor fire location in detailed in a long distance, then help you to make correct rescue plan. You can load different equipments according to different need, like Infrared thermal imaging camera and low light night vision camera.
Folding body design
The machine’s arms are designed with four axis transverse folding and embracing structure, and its structure is compact and firm. After folding, the whole machine is embraced, reducing the occupied area of the aircraft, saving the time of assembly for the staff to reduce the difficulty of packing, and greatly reducing the requirements of the transportation tools.
Heavy payload ,long flight time
The design of the four axis rotor structure improves the flight power, which can load up to 13 kilograms. It can carry fire-extinguishing projectile and other rescue equipment. The battery uses high performance and high energy density power battery and equipped with battery management unit. The low temperature performance of the core is optimized and the maximum load flying time can reach 50 minutes.
50 minutes
 Flight time
13 KGS
 Max payload
  APP Cross Aiming Star