Incomparable drone for aerial photography

GPS Position Hold

New GPS flight control system, featuring more
accurate flight and GPS position hold

5.8G real-time transmission

Large5” monitor with real time 5.8g video on screen data,
Real time telemetry monitoring of battery voltage,
Temperature and GPS data, ensures safe fight.

The flying ilook+ camera

with 13 million pixels in high-definition, is a cost-effective wide-angle lens camera for aerial
sports.it enable you to capture every happy moment.equip with the brushless gimbal,
the camera will be more stable, and the photo will be more beautiful.

Intelligent control experience

With the function the one key to start, one key to land,and failsafe return to
home, it is safe and convenient.

G-3D brushless gimbal

Easy to operate, stabilized camera platform support
Gopro & ilook series cameras.

Flight time of up to 25 minutes

Utilizing advanced high-capacity 22.2V 5400mAh Lipo-battery, build in battery charge
status monitoring promote safe and convinient flight operations.

Circulating flight

The drone can realize the circulating flight
function within self-designed semi diameter.