QR X900

Professional aerial aircraft, precise control, high stability

Designed for photography organization, the QRX900 is compatible and support different cameras and Gimbals. The industrial
structure design, with high strength, its every detail can be controlled precisely and reliability, the angle of flight can accurately
be controlled up to ±0.02°.Equipped with professional flight control system, it can keep stability even during the high speed
flight or in sudden turbulence. The stability and effective control with gimbal and camera, which ensure the high quality image
for professional photography and commercial advertising, it is definitely the best choice for aerial photography.

Parachute safety protection device

Parachute safety device When the aircraft gets out of control or inclination reaches 80 degree, the protection system will open the parachute automatically.
If other issues happen or in emergency, the parachute can be opened manually to protect your drone system or minimize the damage if unavoidable.

  • The response time
    0.5 seconds
  • Incline 80° parachute
    opened automatocally
  • Parachute open

Intelligent security protection system If one of the six axis damaged, the flight still can keep flying and land safely.

During the flight, if accident happened that one of the motor stop work or damaged by external forces, result to dynamical unbalance , the aircraft can automatically modified under GPS mode,keep the flying attitude and load down through radio throttle control, then land safely. In this case the aircraft is still controllable which greatly reduce the risk of crash.

Level 4 stabilization

  • Using new high-performance brushless motor.
    Effectively improve the stability of the shooting video.
  • Effectively reduce the camera vibration caused by aircraft vibration, ensure high, steady quality image output.
  • Effectively reduce the camera vibration caused by aircraft vibration, ensure high, steady quality image output.
  • All-round preciseness three-axis brushless gembal.

Change 6-axis to 4-axis, 4-axis to 6-axis freely

User can choose 4-axis or 6-axis according to different needs.
With 4-axis, fight time is longer, up to 25 minutes.
With 6-axis, load capacity increased, maximum is 10kg.
Increase the aircraft working hours and more Choice fou
the diversification of load capacity.

foldable and portabla design easy
to operate and carry

Foldable motor arm design minimizes the size of package,
easy to carry and transport. Raise the motor arms, tighten,
the arm lock and power on the aircraft, the QR X900 is under,
ready to fly status which shorts much pre-flight time.

Reliable modular circuit design Simple maintenance, system stability

From the connection of main control system, gimbal lines, GPS, batteries and others,
all modules integrated in the core panel. rational structure, clear lines, to reduce the
rate of the fault, but also realized quick installation and dismantling, greatly improve
the efficiency, safe and reliable, simple maintenance, system stability!

Full intelligent inspection system

Full intelligent inspection system and distinct display offer a clear maintain and setting.
Once the equipment is powered on,it will start auto inspection of system circuit inspection, aircraft-controller
pairing, GPS signal and status inspection,compass status inspection, barometer status inspection and
intelligent malfunction inspection. The Model battery capacity intelligent display offers an effective preparation before flight.

  • Circuit
    detection system
  • Body paired
    with the controller
  • Barometer
    state self-test
  • Compass
    Self Test status
  • GPS signal
    and the status

Retractable landing gear

with easy operation and practical utility landing gear design. You can get a full
range of aerial perspective experience with various positions shooting camera

Powerful brushless motor

XQ 900 uses powerful brushless motor, it can be easily loaded 5D Mark III
cameras and gimbal and other shooting equipment, to meet the television,
advertising outdoor photography.